30-Day Healthy Living Challenge: Day 30

We made it to the last day of the challenge! Part of me is sad, while part of me is relieved. It’s been so nice to interact with and teach you guys things over the past month. It’s also been fun to share my daily life with readers.  I started this blog as a way to share recipes and nutrition information with people. I never intended to be the type of blogger that shared my personal life, and it’s actually been very nice to let you guys see certain aspects of my life. However, blogging everyday is hard and I didn’t always feel like I was giving you guys my best work.

day 30

Day 30: Reflect and Make A Plan

For the last day of the challenge, I want you to reflect on all of the things that you’ve done and pat yourself on the back. I compiled all of the challenges so that you can see your accomplishments.

Day 1: Rearrange Your Kitchen

Day 2: Ditch The Alcohol

Day 3: Exercise for 30 Minutes

Day 4& 11: Meatless Monday

Day 5: Call Your Doctor

Day 6: Build A Healthy Plate

Day 7: Eat Only Whole Grains

Day 8: Fitness Friday (Work on Abs & Glutes)

Day 9: Take 10,000 Steps

Day 10 & 16: Rest

Day 12 & 13: Skip The Added Sugar

Day 14 & 15: Watch Your Sodium

Day 17: Strength Train Sunday

Day 18: Make A Plan

Day 19 & 20: Practice Mindful Eating

Day 21: Plan Your Fitness Routine

Day 22: Eat A Snack

Day 24: Use Everyday Items For A Workout

Day 25 & 26: Get The Recommended Serving of Fruits & Vegetables

Day 27: Don’t Be Afraid of Healthy Fats

Day 28: Understanding Hydration

Day 29: Sign Up For A Future Challenge

Day 30: Reflect

Wow, look at all of that! Good for you guys! Go back and look at challenges you missed, or repeat the ones that you really loved. Also, make a plan for the future.  Figure out how to implement these challenges into your everyday life. If you need help or want my services, contact me! And like I said in the beginning, I will be choosing one winner tomorrow to receive 3 free nutrition counseling sessions or cooking classes with me!! Stay tuned…

Thanks again for following along!


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