30-Day Healthy Living Challenge: Day 4

Day 3 was a bit rough. We had tickets to go to the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side at 1pm, so I woke up early and ran while it was still pretty freezing out. But, I did it and was pretty happy with myself afterwards. How was your workout?

Day 4 is really not a challenge at all for me, but I know it will be difficult for most of you. Before I get into it, let me say one thing that I should have said in the beginning…The point of this 30-Day Healthy Living Challenge is to teach you how to implement healthy life habits without going on a ridiculous diet. If you want to lose weight, this should help because it’s teaching you how to live an overall healthier and lower calorie lifestyle.

And now–the rules (don’t worry- I’m going to stop doing this after Day 5).

How It Works: Everyday, I will post a call to action. The actions will consist of healthy eating challenges, fitness goals, organizational tasks, and simple activities for general well-being. I’m asking you to perform as many actions as you can for your own health and to win a prize!

The Prize: Win your choice of 3 private nutrition counseling sessions OR 3 cooking classes with yours truly. Don’t live in NY? Don’t worry…we can video chat!

How To Win: Follow along with as many days as possible, and let me know that you did by either commenting on my blog, Tweeting (@nutritionalanat) at me, posting a picture to my Instagram (nutritionalanat), or writing on my Facebook page. Use the hashtag #ChallengealaNatalie. Since this is a 30-day challenge, I ask that you participate for at least 5 days. That’s 5 comments! I will randomly select a winner on February 1st.

day 4

Day 4: Meatless Monday

I’m pretty excited about this one. Today’s challenge is to go meatless for the entire day! About 6 months ago, I wrote a post about whether or not vegetarianism is healthy. Here’s the short version of that post.

I don’t advocate for everyone to be a vegetarian because I think it requires a fair amount of knowledge about vegetarian proteins. Vegetarian proteins are plentiful in foods like yogurt, milk, tofuoatsbeansnuts, tempeh, quinoa, seitan, farro and bulgur. When going meatless today, I want you to think about those proteins. In other words, don’t leave out the meat and substitute it with things like bread, fries, and ice cream. That’s clearly not a healthy way to go meatless. Instead, leave out the meat and substitute with low-calorie, high fiber vegetarian protein sources (like my list). Yes, I know this is hard for those of you that love your meat, but there are reasons to do it.

  • People who follow a vegetarian diet have been found to have a lower risk of serious diseases.
  • A vegetarian diet is full of heart healthy ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and soy products.
  • Raising and producing meat is much more harmful to the environment that farming plants. Help out the environment by eating plants for just today.

If you need cooking inspiration for today, check out these recipes:

Vegetable & Rice Soup
Faux Meat Sauce
Tofu Nuggets with Sriracha Dipping Sauce
Inside Out Veggie Pizza
Roasted Herb & Cauliflower Mash
Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
Crunchy Chickpeas

*If this is just impossible for you, try going meatless for either lunch or dinner.

I really want to hear how tough or easy this is for you! Tell me about your Meatless Monday experience.


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    January 4, 2016 at 9:03 am

    Love the concept of this challenge! Happy New Year!

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    Donna Fletcher
    January 4, 2016 at 6:00 pm

    We rarely eat meat, so this was a pretty easy challenge for me too. I juice in the am, but only once a day (it works for my arthritis). I count that as my breakfast. Lunch was a salad, and I made cheese quesadilla’s for dinner. Meatless Day 4 was a success!

    I never would have thought to add beans/nuts etc. to a meatless diet though, so that was a good thing that I learned today!

    • Reply
      Nutrition a la Natalie
      January 5, 2016 at 3:07 pm

      I didn’t know that you are a semi-vegetarian! Beans are one of my favorite protein sources because they are low calorie, high protein, and high fiber!

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