About Sports Dietitian Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD

about sports dietitian natalie rizzo, ms ,rd

Hi, I’m Natalie Rizzo and I’m an NYC-based Registered Dietitian…

I switched careers to become a Dietitian [read more about that her], and I created Nutrition à la Natalie when I was in grad school.

What is Nutrition à la Natalie?

This blog started as a way to share recipes and nutrition advice with friends and family, and it’s grown into so much more. I’m so happy to reach thousands of people each month (hopefully one day millions), and I appreciate every single person who lands on my website.

I’m so happy you found me! Sports nutrition is my passion, and I’m dedicated to helping you fuel all the activities in your life. [Read more about how I can help you].

I’m a runner, and I’ve run a few full marathons, more than a dozen half marathons and too many other races to count. I absolutely love the sport. That’s why I wrote The No-Brainer Nutrition Guide For Every Runner.

Figuring out what to eat on a daily basis can be confusing! One day something is bad for you and the next day it’s a miracle cure-all! That’s why I’m here to demystify complicated nutrition topics.

As someone who picked up sports as an adult (and switched careers to become an RD), I truly believe that good nutrition is the key to athletic endeavors. I want to share my sports nutrition knowledge and help you use food as fuel to reach your peak athletic potential.

What kind of recipes will you find on Nutrition à la Natalie?

I’m a vegetarian, so all of my recipes are for people who want to add more plants into their diet. There are vegetarian and vegan recipes for every meal of the day!

All of the recipes use ingredients that you already have on hand, and it’s very rare that I use a food you haven’t heard of before. I want you to cook as much as possible, and I know you need simple and quick recipes to stay happy in the kitchen.

My motto is that healthy food should be tasty food, so I strive to teach everyone that good-for-you foods can be exciting for the tastebuds!

What do I do for work?

On a professional level, I work full-time as a blogger and writer, and I often appear on television or in national media as a nutrition expert. 

Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD

I also work with companies I love to share their messaging and create content for them. I only share content and products that I truly believe in and feed to myself and my family.

I love talking about food, nutrition and fitness all the time. A good day for me involves running, writing, reading, cooking and spending time with my husband. We travel quite often, and you can keep up with our adventures through my Instagram stories. Follow me @nutritionalanat.

I write for national publications, speak to large audiences and partner with companies as a spokesperson. I absolutely love the work I do!

 I’m also represented by The Lisa Ekus Group, LLC as an author.

Have a question for me? Please contact me here!