Lentil Brownies

I recently went on a Canadian lentil farm tour, and during dinner the first night, all of the attendees went around the table and talked about their favorite ways to eat lentils. My favorite lentils recipe is a toss up between my veggie meatballs (not surprising with the last name Rizzo) or my Greek lentil power bowl. But many of the Dietitians at the event talked about their favorite lentil brownies or lentil cookies. MIND BLOWN! I don’t know why I never realized that you can bake with lentils. It’s one of those things you hear about think to yourself, “why did I never think of that?”

High protein lentil brownies


After a busy month of August travel, I’m finally back home for a bit, and “baking with lentils” has been on my agenda! The result is a moist brownie without much fat and more protein and fiber than the traditional brownie. In other words, it’s a brownie you can eat after a workout and feel good about it. You can find the recipe on SHAPE, and I hope you give this technique a try!

Get the recipe now! 


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