Why You Need A Newsletter

Every blogger has probably had this same thought. “I should really send out a newsletter.” But usually it’s followed with this thought, “But I’m already doing so much writing and social media. Eh, I’ll do it later.”

why you need a newsletter

As a blogger, I know how hard it is to keep up with all the ways we must connect with our readers. But sending a newsletter should not be an afterthought. Here are 5 reasons why every blogger should incorporate a newsletter into their blogging career.

  1. Direct communication with your readers. Where is the most sacred and private place in the digital world? The inbox! Anyone and everyone is ‘chatting’ with your readers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which means that your loyal followers are being bombarded (and distracted) with content from tons of other bloggers. Don’t let this realization get you down! A newsletter is the best way to get your readers’ undivided attention and spend a little one-on-one time with them in their inbox.
  2. Instant access to potential customers. By landing in the direct inbox of your reader, a newsletter gives you instant access to customers. These are people who visited your blog and liked it so much that they signed up to read more, and they are people who are MOST likely to buy what you are selling. A newsletter lets them know about any products or services you are selling and is free advertising directly to their inbox.
  3. Increase traffic to your website. Let’s be honest…with all the information on the Internet, it’s pretty easy to assume that your readers might miss some of your content. Although you may have just written your favorite post ever, your readers may not catch it! With a newsletter, you can put the content that you want your reader’s to see directly in front of them, ensuring that a great post will not be missed. And, as any blogger knows, the more traffic you get, the more opportunities may  arise from your blog.
  4. Build a personal relationship. Remember the days of getting letters–or even handwritten cards–in the mail? Although those days are long gone, there is still a way to write a letter to the people that matter most–your blog readers. A newsletter lets you communicate directly and build a personal relationship with your audience. People are more likely to read your content and buy your services if they feel like they know you.
  5. Promote partnerships. As all bloggers know, sponsorships make our blogs financially possible. Bloggers often partner with brands that they know and trust to help promote their products. A newsletter is a great thing to add to your portfolio. For all the reasons listed above, brands will love to sponsor your newsletters.

These are some pretty compelling reasons to add a newsletter to your “to-do list”, but you still probably don’t have the time to send a newsletter or figure out the formatting and newsletter service. Well, that’s where I come in! 

Newsletters à la Natalie is for Registered Dietitians and healthy food bloggers who have their own online content and want to send it directly to their readers’ inboxes without doing any of the work! I will create the newsletter template for you and plug in your own content. All you need to do is approve and press send!