Fruit & Herb Infused Water

I have a new obsession this summer--fruit and herb infused water. This love of amped up water began during my first TV segment about hydration. To be honest, I've had infused water before but I don't make it regularly at home. I'm totally happy with my plain old boring water, but so many people tell [...]

Peach Panzanella Salad

In my opinion, a panzanella salad is the best kind of salad. This Tuscan specialty is traditionally made with bread and tomatoes--making it more reminiscent of a pizza than an actual salad. But it has "salad" in the name, so I'm sticking to the fact that it's good for you. I decided to change things up [...]

Swap Out These Foods For A Healthier BBQ

Disclosure: I work with the Wonderful company to help people make healthy choices. All opinions are my own. What's better than a backyard BBQ with all of your favorite summer foods? I'd say nothing! The only problem is that loading your plate with burgers, sides, desserts and a glass of wine can really add up [...]