Reflections on the 30-Day Challenge + A Survey

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the 30-Day Healthy Living Challenge. The purpose of this challenge was to inspire everyone to eat a little bit healthier and try some new things.  As I said in the beginning, one lucky person that followed along with the challenge will win either 3 free nutrition counseling sessions or cooking classes.  To choose a winner, I put the names of all the people who have commented on my blog and social media sites in a hat.  The more you commented, the more times your name was entered.  The winner is not surprising.  This person followed along and commented almost every single day…

Congratulations Donna Fletcher! You have won the 30-Day Healthy Living Challenge.  Donna completed almost every day of the challenge, lost weight and made some significant life changes.  Thanks for following along, and I look forward to helping you one-on-one. Eat a treat today (like this small one) to celebrate!

 This challenge was definitely a new experience for me. I learned a few things along the way that I wanted to share with you:

  • A 14-day challenge probably may have been more effective.  Whenever I counsel people, I advise them to implement a change for two weeks.  Fourteen days is short enough that you won’t feel overwhelmed, but long enough for a change to become a new habit. Thirty days was a great way to get you through the first month of New Year’s Resolutions, but many people lost steam after the second week.
  • My posts weren’t as detailed as normal.  Usually, I take a decent amount of time to write, edit and then edit again.  Posting everyday sometimes required me to write posts on my phone, on vacation or right before bed. I always try to explain why I’m asking you to do things, but I just didn’t have the energy or time to do that everyday.
  • You are starving for knowledge. I received so many great questions during this challenge.  People asked if honey is different than sugar and if pink sea salt is better than regular salt. These questions gave me a chance to interact with my readers and also find out what you want to learn.  Expect to see more posts based on your questions in the future.
  • Little changes make the biggest difference. I believe in a counseling style that includes small, realistic changes.  During counseling sessions, I try to get a sense of your lifestyle and eating habits, and we work together to make changes that fit your daily life.  I always start with small changes, like I did in this challenge, and then we build to bigger ones.  I love this style, and this challenge proved that it works.

I would love to hear what worked for you and what isn’t working for you. This quick 5 question survey will allow me to take your feedback into account and build a blog and nutrition practice that is suited to your needs.  I would REALLY appreciate it if you take 1 minute to fill it out.  It will help me create content that you would like to see (that’s one of the questions) and create more challenges and educational tools that will help you live a healthier life.

Click here for the survey. 

Thanks for following!


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