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A Registered Dietitian clears up some myths about sports nutrition and offers science-based truths! #sportsnutrition #nutritionfacts #nutrition

10 Sports Nutrition Myths To Stop Believing

Doesn’t it seem like nutrition info is constantly coming at you from so many different angles? TV, websites, social media, YouTube, word of mouth, etc., etc. With the overwhelming…

how to carb load for a big race

5 Facts About Carb Loading

One of my favorite things about running is my pre-race bagel. It’s a ritual now. The day before a race, I go to my favorite bagel place and pick…

5 Vegan Sources of B12 For Athletes-- nutritional yeast, fortified plant milk, fortified cereals, faux meats and nori. #vegan #b12 #athletes

5 Vegan Sources Of B12 For Athletes

B12 is one of those nutrients that you don’t hear much about. It’s in meat and eggs, so most people get plenty of it, but what about those who…

5 inflammation fighting foods

5 Inflammation Fighting Foods For Runners

By Quinn Haisley Inflammation. It’s something that many athletes, especially runners, end up having to deal with at some point. Contrary to popular belief, inflammation isn’t always a bad…