Tip Tuesday: Alternate Uses for Greek Yogurt

I really don’t like Greek yogurt, even though I know its many health benefits.  It’s low in calories, has about 15g of protein in 5 ounces (1 container), and contains 20% of the daily value of calcium.  That being said, I can’t get past the tart taste of plain Greek yogurt, and the flavored ones contain an incredible amount of sugar (usually upwards of 20g).  As a person who likes to create healthy dishes, I’m always thinking about uses of different ingredients and how flavors interact.  When I really consider Greek yogurt’s flavor composition, it is sour and creamy.  Although it is supposed to be eaten by the spoonful, sometimes the best culinary tricks are the ones that think outside the box.  So why not use it as a substitute for high fat sour cream or cream cheese? My tip for this Tuesday is to replace high calorie sour cream and cream cheese with Greek Yogurt.  I top many Mexican dishes, like these zucchini tacos, with Greek yogurt and it adds a nice creamy taste.



I also use it as a creamy spread (like cream cheese) on whole wheat toast/English muffin topped with blueberries, as a healthy afternoon snack.


Bottom line: Be creative and try using Greek yogurt in unconventional ways, such as a replacement for sour cream or cream cheese.  It tastes almost the same, minus the calories, and with the added bonus of healthy protein!


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